More on agitation propaganda and the psychological effects of propaganda including: loss of individuality, suppression of critical thought, creation of the mob and how critical thought is literally impossible as part of a group, the creation of a fanatically self-righteous social "conscious" leading to the demonization of the out-group, and more on the sphere of the sacred. Then, how propaganda partitions society (identity politics) via verbal fiction creating sects of victims who only speak "to themselves."  


  • Propaganda's only heard by its choir creating alternate factual universes: The Echo Chamber
  • Manchurian activists primed for provoked outrage & action: Marionettes
  • The creation of an abstract verbal universe: Personal Realities spun from Collective Narratives & "fake news"
  • Sacrificing self-dignity to "the cause" and the danger of surrendering to "something bigger than yourself"
  • Stereophonic propaganda
  • Reclaiming individuality by removing your dog from the fight: Privatized Detachment

Jacques Ellul's "Propaganda":

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